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Schools, hospitals and other institutions have special sensitivities that require a professional, informed, and compliant food provider.  When dealing with these customer specialty customer groups issues of nutritional content, salt levels, seed segregation, and "nut free" environment take on an enhanced importance.  

At Davidovich we understand that, while all of our customers are important, the children, the sick and elderly have dietary considerations that are not as flexible as the average consumer.   Davidovich Bakery's Institutional Division is unequivocally qualified to address all of these unique sensitivities through a series of specific protocols designed for these important customers and their dietary needs.  We maintain nut free, seed segregated facilities.   All of our products contain the best, natural ingredients including unbleached, unbrominated flour and no trans fats.   We fully disclose any Allergen information to insure you are always aware of your food content.

Davidovich's experienced, delivery staff delivers 365 days a year, in any weather, and in any condition.  We recognize that you are counting on reliable, professional and courteous delivery to insure that your clientele, patients, or students never go without a nutritious, all natural meal.  Thanks to your partnership with Davidovich they won't have to.  Our record speaks for itself- Hurricane Sandy, winter blizzards, inclement weather hasn't stopped us from making sure your food needs are met since 1998.

Davidovich also recognizes that "time is of the essence" for Institutions, which is why we are able to provide electronic ordering, customized billing options, and specific delivery options to meet the internal criteria of each of our distinguished clients.
Your patients' and students' satisfaction is too important to take chances on dealing with anyone but the best provider, like Davidovich Bakery.
  We bake our Davidovich Bagels based on old recipes passed around the world and down to us from our grandparents. Our bagel will transport you to a time when the best bagels were in Brooklyn!

We can assist you with all breakfast products, pastries, and breads delivered 365 days a year! Great products and service at affordable prices!